Planning Your Kitchen or Bath

Get Inspired
Once you have made the decision to do work on your kitchen and bathroom it then starts with your imagination to drive the project forward. Typically the best place to start is to thumb through a stack of magazines that feature home designs. Since most people do not often treat themselves to a remodel you may not be aware of all that is out there and possible. As things start to peek your interest, this is a good time to start seeking out professional assistance.

Research and Plan
This is a good time to see the possibilities in a showroom. Something that may not look good in a magazine may be exactly what you want when you see it in person, or vice versa. As you become comfortable with the fact that the people you are meeting are professionals who are able to handle all of your questions, it will then make sense to move to the next step.

Schematic Design
Now that you have a better picture of your dream kitchen and bath and have found professionals with whom you are comfortable, it is time to allow them into your home to do measurements of the space so you can start seeing the renovation reflected in a 3D image. These designs are really important to determine if the team understands your true tastes and preferences. As they go through examples of your kitchen and bathroom you will be reassurance that this is a team you can trust.

Finalize Budget
Assuming the schematic designs are lining up with your tastes and preferences you now need to start putting pen to paper to determine which direction and options are available to you for this home project.

Hire a Contractor
Asking trusted friends, family, colleagues and your Design West contact will give you a good starting point. Make sure to always check references to ensure you are working with a reputable contractor.

Prepare for Work
The size of the project will determine what needs to be prepared, and this is a discussion that you must have with the contractor. Throughout the entire process a good contractor will welcome over-communication. It is your kitchen and bathroom, and it needs to be the sole objective of the people working on the project to cater to your needs.

The best part of any project is a successful completion. Once the job is done, the only thing left to do is enjoy all of the work that has gone into making your dream kitchen and bath a reality. A lot of people take before and after pictures and are amazed at how their living space has transformed in just a matter of weeks.

Our team at Design West looks forward to helping walk you through the many intricacies of your kitchen and bath projects.


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